my final photoshoot was so much fun planning and incorporating my own flare. taken in mother care car park in chelmsford just outside a closed multis troy carpark that just so happened to have red rails. fits perfectly couldn’t be happier.


On the 6th June I hung my final years exhibition body of work. I chose two of my more successful and favourite garments to be on a mannequin and the hung the others on my rail. the rail was about 5 ft from the ground which helped because my collection has long trouser length garments so they weren’t brushing again the floor. I hung them evenly and let with the running order of my fashion show. I also added a few end touched to the rail with my seatbelt belt accessory which belongs to one of the garments. and the small popper seatbelt wristband attached to a sporty visor. just to show more of the sporting element in my design. I found it difficult not to want to put anything up within the space. it felt so empty.

however once I had finished hanging and doing the finishing touched to my area I was very pleased with how something so simplistic can actually make it stand out more. I felt like the area I was places was very contrasted as the rest of the students around me were completely different which benefits my work when on lookers view the room. each of ours individually will pop out and not just fade into each other. there was a lot of space for walkers and the space made it feel more professional too.


My year 2 blog finish and then the development through my final year I love this theme of layout but I have changed a few areas of it like the image in the header to something more fitting or me. I have also collapsed the post sized so that you’ll have to click and open them to read and see more as some are actually a bit lengthy. I have taken away the science and machine areas and the textiles and soul focusing on the fashion area I will end up putting a new category of car illustrations too but I will add that after posting all of my FMP work. my blog looks a lot cleaner more contrasted and lighter. blank space is good space.

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My last ever personal development presentation I called it ‘where I was, where I am, where I want to be’. this made me reflect on what mind set I had at the start of my university journey and how it has been explored and the amount of trial and errors I have occurred not to mention how I have found my niche.

I showed mostly year 2 work because thats where my interest first was explored in my own way. this was where I was able to fully incorporate things I love outside of fashion into fashion design.

university is something that tests you as a person and allows you to grow and learn new and important things about yourself even thought the process is long time consuming and full of stress. I wouldn’t want to change my experience for the world. its made me how I am today.

Full power point here: PRESENTATION power


Sporty style womenswear inspired by Audi sport editions. the colour palette taken from the bodywork red black and white. brightly contrasted and bold. loaded with Seat belts, panels, ventilation prints really taking in the inspiration behind the garments. – AUTOSPORT.


A designer founder of on/off came into our university to talk about our work and inspiration and where we want to go after university and we were asked to create a mini 5 minute presentation for him to quickly run through what we were about. heres mine.

I started off explaining my concept of my FMP and showing him a few portfolio pages at this time lee was in my workspace so I was also showing him the garments I had on mannequins at the time. I showed him things I am more into circling areas of designs I have seen before and showing main components of what I want to do throughout my design flare. I told him all about where I work now and how I have retail experience and my illustration paying hobby of drawing cars. he gave me some great feedback from my FMP to my illustrations and how I can take my work forward and who to get in touch with. He was ver positive and I have taken away some great post to take me on my journey.


I decided to use a small amount of digital print in my collection on sportswear fabric from contrado. costing me £40 in total for 1 metre in sportsknit and in jersey. the print is inspired by vents on the front and back of cars giving like a honeycomb effect. I added the colours from Audi sports editions into a repeat pattern. so this could be used continuously if I wanted. however I didn’t realise I had two black lines either side of the pattern so when it came to delivery and opening and seeing the final outcome I have continuous black lines vertically between however this didn’t bother me too much if anything it made it more comparable to vents on the front of a car. – a great digital fabric company fast and reliable. will definitely use again!


3RD OF APRIL 2018:

Promoting the my FMP through a professional photoshoot of my completed first outfit. this will be used for promoting the fashion show in weeks to come. 11th May. I have conducted some research into make up style, hair style and the poses I wish to use and the whole feel and look of the photoshoot. I tried to emphasis sassiness and that sporty feel through the stance and facial expressions by being behind the photographer commenting on how I want my outfit to be shown. I had a very opinionated input to the pose and I went along with my guidelines from my mood boards. I even managed to add accessories to the look with some tinted red glasses popped on the top of the slicked back ponytail for detail. I think the photoshoot was successful however we did overcome some issues. the zip on the jacket I had awn in came away so I completely detached it and made the model pull together the jacket in a way that came across playful and energetic. I wanted to show off my paneling and concept and the whole feel behind the collection. in my option mood barding is much more difficult than telling a model how to pose.

Next Childrenswear Portfolio

Just some of the portfolio pages I have created for my second semester project. I based it around boys little racer wear using cars and car parts as motifs.

I thoughtfully enjoyed this project because I have an interest in cars myself I often draw then as a hobby and I have really developed my skills on illustrator y doing this.

its a shame I only made a portfolio from this project I would of loves to of actually made a garment for this. I was that interested in it.

from this I gained a good feedback and an intern ship in summer through my industry presentation where I presentated this to Tania from Paul Denicci she loves my concept.

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