On the 6th June I hung my final years exhibition body of work. I chose two of my more successful and favourite garments to be on a mannequin and the hung the others on my rail. the rail was about 5 ft from the ground which helped because my collection has long trouser length garments so they weren’t brushing again the floor. I hung them evenly and let with the running order of my fashion show. I also added a few end touched to the rail with my seatbelt belt accessory which belongs to one of the garments. and the small popper seatbelt wristband attached to a sporty visor. just to show more of the sporting element in my design. I found it difficult not to want to put anything up within the space. it felt so empty.

however once I had finished hanging and doing the finishing touched to my area I was very pleased with how something so simplistic can actually make it stand out more. I felt like the area I was places was very contrasted as the rest of the students around me were completely different which benefits my work when on lookers view the room. each of ours individually will pop out and not just fade into each other. there was a lot of space for walkers and the space made it feel more professional too.


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