Bionic fashion – The use of Technology in Garments.

Presenting my philosophy on technology in fashion Anouk wipprecht is a big inspiration to me because of her work with car manufacturers and how she developed the automotive design into techno-garments

Illustrator: Developing My Designs

A few of my developed and final ideas for my little boy collection I have added accessories and the brand name onto certain areas of the illustrations. because it is part of the design.

from doing this project I have donut a new love for illustrator I hated it in my first semester of the second year but I think having a break from it over Christmas really helped to make it more chilled and I’m not stressing over it. and I am very pleased with how these have come out. Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 14.17.41.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-01 at 14.18.07.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-01 at 14.18.35.png

Car drawings – Instagram @Revs_Drawings

I have an Instagram account for my drawings of cars I currently sell them however they came in handy for this project as I could use them for my little boy clothing line print Inspiration.

here are some more from my Instagram account I have actually filed them into my book for this project to show where the inspiration came from. I do many different medias here I have graphite, fine liner, biro, pencil and there is some use of charcoal in the top first picture. however I Ama. big fan of biro ad fine liner.


Denim Project: Customer Profile.

First Semester Year 2: Customer profiling so finding things that the chosen customer would have in a day to day lifestyle or what they’re like individually…

My customer chosen is very modern rides a motorbike, loves leather and dark denims wears biker jackets and is very empowered and strong. hence why I collaged “leading women’ into the picture to show she’s independent and able to make it by on her own

I chose some places she would shop too. places like diesel and saint Laurent and all saints. Top brands that are very similar in a way of dark washes and the biker/ leather inspiration running through them.

With this customer profiling I found myself wanting to relate and add things in from my personal future reference. I made her to be what I would like to be like.

Denim Project : Final Garment

My Denim Jumpsuit:

Made from Three different coloured Denims for contrast in panelling and white topstitching to add extra detail theres fastenings in different directions. In the picture the poppers are all done up making it whole however there is also a zip going through the waist bans that completely detach and make the garment a two piece to either wear separately or as a whole.

What you can’t see in this picture is that the trousers have a contrast of paneling slightly more blocked than ombre but the inspiration came from grey scaling. I then went on to add rivets in correct places to ensure no wear comes to the garment quickly.

I added inset seams cut away pockets inset pockets and gatherings to the piece to show the skills I have gained. I used curved panels straight panels and harsh cornered seams to make the final piece more exciting.


Designing My line up!

After drawing out back and front of each developed idea I have picked my line up of 4 garments. all different use of patchwork, leather panels, topstitching, zips, poppers and decorative seams.

Garment 1: Poncho with ribbed fitted asymmetric top flowing into a denim skirt with a leather front panel and raw edges paired with some high knee boots

Garment 2: Denim bomber and bootcut jeans jumpsuit/two piece. poppers down the front and then a zip round the waist hot pant like panelling and ombre inspires panels at the bottom which different colour denims

Garment 3:Big flared Culottes in patchwork with hot pants leather panels and a crop top shirt with rolled up sleeves with rips and raw edging and patchwork.

Garment 4: cropped Hoodie with drawstrings and patchwork sleeves and then hot pant seamed skinny trousers with topstitching and then the trouser legs have outside leather panels and inside dark jeans.


Metropolis was a film produced in Germany in 1927 by Fritz Lang. The film was based on science fiction and fantasy. To summarise the plot was of a utopia viewed in a beautiful modern city but later discover hidden secrets of mistreated workers.

The film was based on futuristic and fantasy. This film went on to be a repetitive influence to film, musicians and the fashion industry. Fashion favourited the looks within the
film by later designing and revolutionising garments in vogue magazine and on the runway. The idea of robotic fashion iAAEAAQAAAAAAAANIAAAAJDA2N2Y1ZDk4LWZiY2ItNGFmOC1hMWIyLTI4YjlhNDdjMjNiYg.jpgs still being reformed and redesigned for the current and future ages.

I love this edition of vogue in 2010 it not only has robotic implemented in design but sexualises femininity. giving robotics gender. I feel this allows designs to be manipulated and developed further creating more individual looks. As the robot signifies repetitive, replaceable copies.

Big designers in current fashion such as Tom ford and Givenchy have said that the film metropolis inspired some of their designs in their shows.

“Robot Fashion” is a trend that is neither running out of runway nor battery power’- David.J Katz.

films like Ex-Machina (2015) influenced by metropolis but made more modern. The robot is perceived to be better than the human and is almost immortal compared to us. therefor stronger and more reliable.

In 2006 Japan’s Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology created the female robot named “Miim” – she walked as a runway model in tokyo’s fashion week that year. images-1.jpeg

The robots int he 20th century are more human like and have programmes in them to feel, understand and complete tasks. The robots built today are for purpose and can futuristically revolutionise ways of life for humans.

This sort of technology can be used in different ways. The fashion industry have taken on board different aspects of the new robotic age adding light/sound/functioning technology into fabrics. for example Hussein Chalayan and his light up dress. Another example of technology being used in fashion is Iris Van Herpen’s use of 3d printed materials to construct her designs and reform the human figure.



Initials In Design

Using my initials E , L & R i have produced a few designs. All with functioning zips and pockets. decorative seams and a mixture of three different fabric colours. (black, Calico and black striped calico) i love fitted garments however a little more form to the body is always welcome… as long as its flattering – As seen on my image i have chosen and redrawn my final garment design ready for the creation of flats, cutting pattern and construction.

Robotic Future?

Designing for the future. The use of technology and science has already evolved everyday life. we already wear small pieces of technology and use science for our bodies. Whats in Store for future fashion?

(Source for photo : Pinterest Blogs).

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