A designer founder of on/off came into our university to talk about our work and inspiration and where we want to go after university and we were asked to create a mini 5 minute presentation for him to quickly run through what we were about. heres mine.

I started off explaining my concept of my FMP and showing him a few portfolio pages at this time lee was in my workspace so I was also showing him the garments I had on mannequins at the time. I showed him things I am more into circling areas of designs I have seen before and showing main components of what I want to do throughout my design flare. I told him all about where I work now and how I have retail experience and my illustration paying hobby of drawing cars. he gave me some great feedback from my FMP to my illustrations and how I can take my work forward and who to get in touch with. He was ver positive and I have taken away some great post to take me on my journey.


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