3RD OF APRIL 2018:

Promoting the my FMP through a professional photoshoot of my completed first outfit. this will be used for promoting the fashion show in weeks to come. 11th May. I have conducted some research into make up style, hair style and the poses I wish to use and the whole feel and look of the photoshoot. I tried to emphasis sassiness and that sporty feel through the stance and facial expressions by being behind the photographer commenting on how I want my outfit to be shown. I had a very opinionated input to the pose and I went along with my guidelines from my mood boards. I even managed to add accessories to the look with some tinted red glasses popped on the top of the slicked back ponytail for detail. I think the photoshoot was successful however we did overcome some issues. the zip on the jacket I had awn in came away so I completely detached it and made the model pull together the jacket in a way that came across playful and energetic. I wanted to show off my paneling and concept and the whole feel behind the collection. in my option mood barding is much more difficult than telling a model how to pose.


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